Green Ridge Amethyst

May 17th-18th 2014  10 am – 6pm

The 7th annual 2014 Seattle Mineral Market is now a TWO DAY SHOW.

12531 28th Ave NE, directly North of the Lake City Seattle Public library.


Mineral specimens, gem minerals, mineral and mining books, mineral art, mineral photography, and NW chapter of Friends of Mineralogy business meeting.


Tourmaline w Clevelandite. Himalaya Mine, Mesa Grande, San Diego Co., CA.

 Sound Minerals Specimens

                  32575_1319598441105_1623049_nJeffery Hessonite TNDSC00408



Table Reservations *= Payment received. # = Confirmed, not paid 

Tables are $70 each for the weekend. There are a limited number of 8 foot tables, but most are 6 foot tables.

For table reservations contact Jasun Cosgrove at and send check or money order payable to Sound Minerals PO Box 75346, Seattle, WA, 98175.

Note that at least 25 dealers are required in order to comply with Seattle’s Trade Show license policy.  Dealers will be required to provide a mailing address, through the show for the City.  This will not result in any kind of subsequent contact with individual dealers from the Revenue Department of the city.  It is just to assure that the dealer list is valid for the purposes of Seattle’s trade show policy.

DEALERS- Setup will be on Saturday morning, the 17th starting at 6 am.

Sound Minerals *        53,54,55,56 (Jasun Light Cosgrove)

Alfredo Petrov #        21

Ray Hill *              27,28 

Bob Meyer  *            19,20   

Bart Cannon *           1,2 

John Lindell #          22,23      

Awake Aesthetics #      48,49   

Pacific Rim Minerals#   63,64,65 (John Meek)

Earthlight*             61,62 (Kim Villines)

Tom Payne #?            24,25 

Earth Craft*            53  (Brittany Burkhardt)

Cassie Magill #         50

Washington Minerals#    44 (Jeff Schwartz)

Kivi Designs #          45 (Annika Wallendahl)

Chris Check *  ?        58,59

Aaron Schiffman #?      63  

Snowflake Cottage*?     46

Washington Treasures*   To be determined (Tate Wilson)

Carol Trenga*?          To be determined

Cascade Scepters#       64,63,65,68 (Joe George)

Awake Aesthetics*       To be determined (Kyle Soller)

Steve Falconbury#       To be determined

Bohemian Minerals*      To be determined

Fim Minerals#           To be determined 

Ed Molsee?              To be determined

Sal Noelder?            To be determined

Galaxy Gems Brazil*     To be determined

Julian Campbell#        To be determined

Crystal Lined Pocket#   To be determined


Dealer Specialties 


Galaxy Gems Brazil    Newly mined Brazilian pegmatite minerals from many localities.  <

Sound Minerals Fine mineral specimens and natural gemstones from around the world.


Awake Aesthetics  Worldwide fine minerals and rare collectors specimens.

Pacific Rim Minerals  Nicely priced worldwide display minerals.

Cascade Scepters  Wordwide mineral specimens.  Emphasis on fine Washington quartz specimens .

Earthlight  Gems and display minerals .

Ed Godsey  General minerals from his collection plus mineral magazines and books.

Ray Hill  Beaverdell silvers and acanthites, crocoites.  Reasonably priced.          

Bob Meyer  Assorted Worldwide specimens, mostly in storage since the late 1970s to early 1980s from around the globe.

Bart Cannon  Rare and display species, including uranium minerals and the recently purchased lifelong collection of John C. White who began his collecting in the early 1960s.  Also geology books, and mining and mineral emphemera.     <>

John Lindell  Field collected minerals from the western U.S. and peruvian minerals.  Also used lapidary equipment. 

Washington Minerals Specializing in minerals from the Pacific Northwest and around the globe.

Nature’s Creations  Worldwide mineral specimens, fossils, spectacular marine shells .

Rose Rock and Gem   Worldwide mineral specimens and gems .

Earth Craft  (Brittany Burkhardt)  Minerals, fossils and earth oddities.

Stone Styles (Jesse Adkins) Uruguayan amethyst geodes and specimens



Minerals for Kids

Dealers are encouraged to bring free minerals for kids. They are also encouraged to bring $1.00 specimens for the more discriminating wealthy kids.


Aquarium Display Cases

This is an inexpensive solution for dealer display cases.   The image below shows a 10 gallon fish tank sitting on top of a 20 gallon fish tank.   The 10 gallon is priced at $14 and the 20 gallon at $26 at Petsmart.   The lights are Portfolio Black Roundback track lights available at Lowe’s for $40.  3 lamps and housings come with the track.   An extra lamp can be purchased to maximize the illumination.  An adapter to bring a cord and plug into the track will be needed unless you want to jury rig the ceiling connector. 

Several extra 10 gallon tanks are available for show dealers.  Contact Bart Cannon at to arrange to pick them up at his house.

  TUB Display Cases. 

A couple of these cases should be available. Contact Bart Cannon at to arrange to pick these up at his house on Friday night or Saturday morning.  The tubs bottoms are 22″ x 16″.  The top tapers out to 24″ x 18″.







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