SEATTLE Mineral Market 2016


Grossular garnet, Vesper Peak, Sultan, WA

Hatfield Tungsten Mine, Okanogan County, WA

Hatfield Tungsten Mine, Paysayten Wilderness, WA


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Realgar. Cardinal Reward Mine, King Co.,WA

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Royal Reward Mercury Mine, Green River Gorge, WA

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Art Quartz Coating

Saturday May  21   10 AM – 6 PM,  Sunday May 22  10 AM – 5 PM
Lake City Community Center,  12531 28th Ave NE,
Seattle, WA 98125

25 + Mineral Specimen Dealers, 5 Gemstone Dealers, 2 Book Dealers

Free Parking, Free Admission, Free Minerals for Kids

For 2016 Dealer and Visitor Inquiries Contact:

Bart Cannon    206 522 9233
1041 NE 100th Street, Seattle, WA 98125


Bart Cannon Minerals
Crystallography   (Michelle Ferris)
Sound Mineras   (Jasun Cosgrove)
Ray Hill Minerals
Earthlight   (Kim Villines)
Washington Minerals   (Jeff Schwartz)
Mitchell Fund Minerals
Galaxy Gems Brazil 
(Troy Hatch)
Cascade Scepters 
(Joe George)
Stone Styles (Jesse Adkins)
Cam’s Crystal Gallery (Cameron Lowder)

Table fee is $70.00 for the two day show, plus the $10 City of Seattle Trade Show license for each dealer without a Seattle Business license.
That equals a final total of $80 for each table for the two day show.





GALAXY GEMS BRAZIL ~ Troy Hatch ~ 4 tables. Brazilian gem minerals and cut stones including Tourmaline Butterfly Jewelry.

SOUND MINERALS ~ Jasun Cosgrove ~ 4 tables.  Worldwide mineral specimens, especially gem minerals. Recently acquired old Butte, Montana collection. 

PACIFIC RIM MINERALS ~ John Meek ~ 3 tables.  Worldwide minerals with attractive prices. Paid in full.

WASHINGTON MINERALS ~ Jeff Schwartz ~ 1 table.  Field collected Washington mineral specimens. Paid in full.

JOHN LINDELL MINERALS ~ John Lindell ~ 2 tables.  Mostly field collected western US minerals. Paid in Full.

BART CANNON MINERALS ~ Bart Cannon ~  Mostly field collected western US Minerals, with some worldwide specimens. Rare species, radioactives are also featured.  Some pieces from Cannon’s collection to be offered for the first time ever at this Seattle Mineral Market can be seen at

EARTHLIGHT ~ Kim Villines ~ 2 Tables. Decorator mineral specimens, jewelry.  Paid in full.

CASCADE SCEPTERS ~ Joseph George ~ 2 Tables.  Fine field collected NW minerals.  Quartz a specialty.  Paid in full.

EARTH ENDEAVORS ~ Brittany Burkhardt ~ 1 table.  Minerals, geological curiosities. Paid in full.

BOHEMIAN MINERALS ~ A.J. Luzier ~ 2 tables.  Field collected Oregon minerals.  Barite and zeolites are specialties.  (Payment sent).

WASHINGTON TREASURES ~ Stuart “Tate” Wilson. 1 table.  Mineral specimens.  Paid in full.

STONE STYLES ~ Jesse M. Adkins ~ 2 tables. Mineral specimens.  Paid in full.

MITCHELL FUND MINERALS ~ Mitchell Fund ~ 1 table.  Mineral Specimens.  Paid in full.

FALCONBURY MINERALS ~ Steve Falconbury ~ 1 table.  Mineral specimens. Paid in full.

ED GODSEY BOOKS ~ Ed Godsey ~ 3 tables. Earth Science books.  Paid in full.

CRYSTALLOGRAPHY ~ Michelle R. Ferris ~ 2 table.s “Minerals for home, health and happiness”
Paid in full.

FIMIANO MINERALS ~ Matt Fimiano ~ 1 table.  Mineral specimens.  (Paid in full)

LEIGH READDY MINERALS ~ Leigh Readdy ~ 3 tables.  Mineral specimens.  Early 70s to contemporary stock. (Paid in full)

ELVENSPUN ~ Russell and River Boggs ~ 2 tables.  Mineral specimens, jewelry, cutting rough.  Paid in full.

GEO-WISE ~ Ed Molsee ~ 1 table.  Mineral specimens, Northwest jade and jade relatives.  Confirmed.  Payment to
be made the day of the show.  Along with signing of the contract.

ROB BELCHER MINERALS ~ Rob Belcher ~ 1 table.  Fine, worldwide mineral specimens.  Confirmed.  Payment to be made the start of the first day of the show.  Along with signing of the contract.

RAY HILL MINERALS ~ Ray Hill ~ 2 tables.  Rare and display mineral specimens.  Paid in full.

NATURAL GOLD and JADE ~ Tom Payne ~ 1 table. Gold nuggets, jade and other gems.  Phone confirmation only.  Contract signing and payment promised.

ILIKEROCKS ~ Hewan Zewdi ~ 3 tables.  Showy decorator mineral specimens and jewlery.  Phone confirmation only.

COLLECTABLE EARTH ~ Mark Mauthner ~ 1 table.  Fine mineral specimens and mineral photography. Payment and contract signing due the morning of the start of the show

R.W. PHANTOM MINERALS ~ R.W. ~ 1 table.  Fine, rare minerals.

BOB MEYER MINERALS ~ Bob Meyer ~ 2 tables.  Good quality worldwide minerals at good prices.  (payment sent)

JULIAN CAMPBELL MINERALS ~ Julian Campbell ~ 1 Table.  Worldwide minerals.  Phone confirmation only.  Payment and contract signing due at the start of the show.

PETER MICHAEL BOYD MINERALS ~ Peter Boyd ~ 1 table. Fine mineral specimens.  Phone confirmation only.

DELPHINO GEMS ~ Delphe Doyan ~ Rough and polished Larimar, a blue form of pectolite.

GEM NEST ~ 3 Tables ~ Showy decorator specimens and Jewelry. (Payment due)